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Ms. Jean Strader


PACE GNO advocates for its participants for the best possible level of care, even when it requires external or third party resources. No other situation best demonstrates the level of care and support than with one of PACE’s most beloved participants, Ms. Jean Strader.

Ms. Strader, a participant of the PACE program who visits the center 5 days a week, recently had a second stroke and was admitted to the hospital. Ms. Strader was on a ventilator for several weeks and given a poor prognosis by the attending physician at the hospital. Upon discharge, she was transferred to a skilled nurse rehab unit for over a month. During her stay, PACE nurse and rehab team members, and the interdisciplinary team, visited and monitored her health. Upon discharge from the skilled nurse rehab facility, she was able to return to PACE Greater New Orleans, Shirley Landry Benson Center. Ms. Strader is now able to maneuver her wheelchair better due to therapy she receives at the wellness center within the Benson facility. She is glad to be back with friends actively participating at PACE amongst her friends and family.

October 2018 Birthday Wishes

October Birthday wishes to Mary Ducksworth on the far left and Margaret Lovince far right with PACE CNA Janelle Smith in the center.


Pace recognizes participants Mary Ducksworth and Margaret Lovince on the day of their birthday at the Westbank alternative care site, Hope Have at St. John Bosco PACE Center.